Yoga Researches

Considerable evidence exists for the place of mind body medicine in the treatment of anxiety disorders. Yoga researches have shown yoga may improve sleep disturbance, anxiety, and mental quality of life.

A study was conducted by Department of Physiology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi 110 029 to evaluate the short-term impact of a comprehensive but brief lifestyle intervention, based on yoga, on anxiety levels in normal and diseased subjects. The intervention consisted of asanas, pranayama, relaxation techniques, group support, individualized advice, and lectures and films on philosophy of yoga, the place of yoga in daily life, meditation, stress management, nutrition, and knowledge about the illness. Anxiety scores, both state and trait anxiety were significantly reduced.

The observations suggest that a short educational programme for lifestyle modification and stress management leads to remarkable reduction in the anxiety scores within a period of 10 days. Another pilot trial suggests that yoga is potentially valuable adjunct to standard pharmacotherapy in patients with GAD (General anxiety disorder) or treatment-resistant General anxiety disorder.

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