Yoga Breathing

Yoga breathing exercise helps you to re-program your natural breathing techniques and clear the airways, allowing the lungs to work at full capacity and increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood. Regular and proper yoga breathing prevents respiratory difficulties. Helps in controlling temper and calms the mind. It is the first step of anxiety and depression treatment. This breathing exercise if done religiously, helps to keep a check on our wavering mind. This breathing helps to reduce stress and anxiety and therefore, prevent hair loss, controls blood pressure and functioning of the heart. It soothes the mind and helps in circulation of blood in the muscles. It helps in increasing the energy level during pregnancy stage.

1) Stand straight.

2) Place both the arms on both side of the body respectively.

3) Keep your eyes closed.

4) Then slowly lift your arms straight up to the head with slow deep breathing (inhale).

5) Again breathe out slowly (exhale) by putting down your arms together back to the position as in step (2).

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