Our Yoga Medical College was established to educate the yoga teacher and students with the knowledge and experience of therapeutic yoga method for service to ailing people. Experienced allopath, homoeopath doctors, physiotherapists, yoga therapists take classes in their respective field to teach the students yoga philosophy, anatomy, physiology, therapeutic yoga exercises, and dissection. There are different courses, i.e., certificate course, diploma course, massage and aroma therapy course, physiotherapy course, teacher’s training course etc. that will not only help you to gain knowledge in particular field but also help to build a bright career.


  *Teacher's Training  Course is compulsory in both the cases as it an integral part of the         program. (Duration:2months, Session: Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov)

  • For more details call :  033-2466 1127 / 033-2464 6922

We also provide special arrangement of yoga training for foreign students and yoga practitioners who come from different countries of the world. The purpose is yoga propagation in their native country and to spread the scientific knowledge of yoga as a therapy to cure various diseases and to keep them mentally and physically fit. Many foreign students are coming to learn Yoga and getting certificates to open franchise centers at their countries.


World Yoga Society gives an opportunity to all yoga aspirants to learn various disciplines of yoga therapy with different courses offered by its own Medical College. Our different courses come with a prospect to earn after you learn. Here is a quick detail of our Yoga medical college and its courses.

Thousands of students have acquired immense knowledge on yoga and how it can used to facilitate various ailments from our yoga medical college. After successful completion of course/courses, the students are given certificates. Those interested to join with us are also given placements as yoga teachers in our various centers as well as to teach patients at their homes according to available vacancies and requirements.

Over ten thousand students have graduated from the Yoga Medical College so far and also devoting service to mankind as an educated and knowledgeable guide. Many successful students got placements in various health centres, doctor's chambers, clinics, educational institutions to teach yoga therapy.

Benefits :

1. These programs gives you an opportunity to earn on successful completion of courses.

2. Besides all the knowledge and technicalities one acquires from the courses, it also helps to achieve a new level of fitness both physically and mentally.

3. The  courses we offered are designed to give an extensive understanding of how yoga helps to heal and cure various ailments.


Introduction to Yoga Dance Institute and Yoga Choir (Yoga Nrityam) of World Yoga Society

World Yoga Society established Yoga Dance College to impart yoga dance training by combining yoga and dance as cultural art form - an innovative combination of static (Sthiti) yoga and dynamic (Gati) yoga, a new expression of yoga culture presented with lighting, sets, tune, rhythm and music. This art form of dance was introduced for the first time in 1986 by Dr. Dibya Sundar Das.

This yoga dance programme is presented on various occasions and festivals by our Yoga Choir team "Yoganrityam". We also take contract of doing call shows in various programmes. Organizers interested for yoga dance performance in their shows can contact in the same number given above.

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