Viparit Karani for leg cramps

Viparit Karani relieves tired legs and feet and also leg cramps. In this yoga pose abdominal organs and the movement stimulates them. Viparit Karani stimulates digestion and is good for constipation and other digestive problems. As this yoga pose is an inversion, the blood circulation is stimulated, upper body and head receives a stronger blood flow which supplies the whole area with oxygen. Hence migraines and headaches, caused by poor blood circulation, can be healed and prevented. Inverted poses are good against losing hair and getting gray hair. Person suffering from leg cramps and feet can also try this yoga pose as a cure. This yoga asana strengthens your arms and legs but also your back and your neck muscles. The digestive system is strengthened by regular practice of this exercise.

1) Lie flat on the back keeping the legs stretched out on an even floor (Pic 1).

2) Place both hands by the side of the legs, palms facing the floor.

3) Raise the legs upwards, simultaneously raise the hip from the floor. Support the hip with both hands placing the elbows resting on the ground (see Pic 2).

4) Raise the legs vertically supported by the hands until the chest come 6 to 8 inch close to the chin (As in Pic 3). Hold this posture as directed by our yoga doctor. Breathing will be normal.

5) After completing, take rest in sabasana.


Practice this Asana as prescribed by our Yoga Doctor.

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