Vatakram Kapalbhati Pranayama

Vatakram kapalbhati pranayama is known as a breathing exercise, but actually it is one of the six cleansing techniques called ‘Kriyas’. With regular practice of Kapalbhati, you stimulate your digestion. It works with your complete digestive system, reduces fat in abdomen, strengthen the abdominal muscles, brings the blood sugar to a normal level and helps the pancreas to release insulin, thus helpful for diabetes patient. The sympathetic nervous system is initially stimulated during the process of kapalbhati pranayama and by continued practice the sympathetic and para-sympathetic balance is well kept.

Steps to be followed:

1) Inhale and exhale through nose quickly.

2) While exhaling lower abdomen should contract.

Focus on your belly and on the exhalation.


Those who are suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, hernia, they must not practice Kapalbhati. If you have back pain, then do not exhale too forcefully, practice with less force. Kapalbhati should never be practiced when an asthmatic attack is in progress. Quick exhalation should be comfortable to oneself, should not be too forceful.

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