The primary treatment for frozen shoulder involves controlling shoulder pain by decreasing it and increasing the range of motion to the extent possible. After diagnosing of frozen shoulder symptoms, you can opt for treatment of frozen shoulder.

Yoga for frozen shoulder will help to maintain mobility in your shoulder. As a therapy, yoga is holistic in nature. Yoga therapy will be done with very low dose as you will not be able to raise your hand much due to pain. Progression can be seen after one week of practicing. You will be able to raise your hand higher than you did last week. After being accustomed with basic stretches, you will be provided with intermediate level of stretching exercises. Static stretching exercises yields better results. Less movement can be done with the affected shoulder joint or else the mobility of the shoulder joint will decrease.

You will get the full benefit just from attempting to perform yoga. Start doing within the limits of your current abilities. Every practice will take you a tiny bit closer to relief. Regularity of practice should be maintained. Lifestyle changes to be done for treating frozen shoulder. Avoid carrying overweight like your laptop, shopping bags as it will create more pressure on your shoulder joint leading to worsening of pain.  Sometimes over exercise may lead to pain so before starting exercising you must consult yoga doctor to prevent any injuries to shoulder joints. Along with shoulder exercises you can apply hot or cold shake to the affected areas. Hot shake promotes blood circulation to that portion while cold shake relieves and soothes the nerve.

Those who have reduced mobility of their shoulder are at higher risk of developing frozen shoulder. People having diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, thyroid problem, shoulder injuries are more prone to get frozen shoulder. If one is having the above mentioned illness then they should treat it properly to avoid frozen shoulder. Do not just read this webpage start practicing for the treatment for frozen shoulder.

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Exercises given here are for otherwise healthy patients. If you have multiple medical conditions please be cautioned that some exercises may not be suitable at all. Consult our Yoga Doctors for a routine customized to your medical condition.

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