Leg stretch with Talasana 2

This yoga posture strengthens the muscles of leg with leg stretch. The work of calves muscle strengthens your legs immensely. It also straightens the spinal column and thus hunchback posture can be rectified. Regular practice strengthens your body and makes it flexible. If regularly performed, it helps the growth of children.

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1) Stand erect with the feet together, touching the heels and big toes each other. Pull up the knee muscles and knee caps, contract the muscles of thighs and hips. Pull the stomach inward and push chest outwards. Distribute the body weight evenly on both legs and feet.

2) Now raise both arms straight and stretch out over the head with palms facing each other. At the same time raise your heels slowly and stand on toes with leg stretch. (See the Pic)

3) Then slowly bring both hands down with backward circular movement(move the stretched hands towards the backside of the body as much as possible).

Place the hands by the side of the thighs meanwhile put the heels back on ground to assume the posture of Step(1).


Practice this Asana as prescribed by our Yoga Doctor.

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