Surya Namaskar

Stand straight.

(1) Join your palms and keep in front of chest as namaskar posture.

(2) Raise your arms over your head and shoulders with the palms touching each other. Arch your body backwards keeping your arms alongside your neck and head; tilt the head backward (Like Ardhachandrasana).

(3) Bend forward and place your palms at the side of your feet. Touch the knees with your forehead (Like Padahastasana).

(4) Sit down on your feet, Buttocks will touch the ankles.

(5) Move your right leg straight behind.

(6) Raise your head and look in front.

(7) Move your left leg straight behind. The body will be balanced on both palms and toes. Knees should not bend.

(8) Lower down your body and then raise it up (Like Push Up).

Surya Namaskar Returning Back