Shirshasana aids concentration

This asana improves your memory and aids concentration level to grow up, with increase in the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the brain, keeping the whole nervous system healthy. But this asana is not for everyone to practice. Those who suffer from heart disease, high or low blood pressure, problem in eyes should not do shirshasana. In inverted poses, blood rushes to the head and it may result in more complications.

Steps to be followed:

1) Sit on knees in vajrasana posture.

2) Interlock the fingers of both hands and place them in front on the ground.

3) Place your head in between the palms.

4) Now slowly stretch your legs inward.

5) Then slowly lift your legs from the ground by folding the knees.

6) After that raise your legs and keep it straight. Perform each step slowly.

7) The whole body should be in a straight line.

8) After that concentrate. Hold this posture as suggested. Breathing will be normal.

9) Slowly lower down your legs by bending your knees. Do not let your body fall on the ground immediately while coming out of the pose.

10) Rest in sukhasana or vajrasana.

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