Get natural hormone balance with

Sashangasana (Rabbit Posture)

Sashangasana helps in natural hormone balance. Hormones are special chemicals produced and distributed by glands and organs within the body. Practicing sashangasana stimulates the thyroid gland, helps balance and regulate metabolism. The spine gets stretched enough with an increase in mobility and elasticity of back muscles. Improves immune system and give relives from common cold, allergies, laryngitis.

Restricted for the persons having cervical spondylosis, neck and back injuries, eye problems, knee pain.

Steps to be followed:

1) Kneel down on the floor like vajrasana.

2) Hold the heels with the hands so that the thumbs are on outside and the other fingers inside.

3) Now slowly bend your body in front.

5) Place the head close to your knees and try to touch the crown of the head on the floor.

6) Hold the heels tight, raise the hips up. Do not put much weight on your head, maximum should be on your knees.

7) Breathing will be normal. Hold the posture and count in this position.

9) Then return back to the normal position and take rest in sabasana.

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