Sahaj Agnisar Mudra In Sukhasan

1) Sit straight in Sukhasana posture.

2) Place both palms on the waist/abdomen and the palms should rest on either side of the navel.

3) The thumbs should be placed at the sides and the middle fingers should meet the navel.

4) Take a deep breath so that the chest is filled with air and exhale.

5) After exhaling, the stomach will be loose. This is the time when the mudra is performed.

6) Apply pressure on the abdomen with your four fingers.

7) Press the muscles of the stomach down.

8) Repeat the same process of inhaling to exhaling by holding your breath when you do the mudra, pulsing four times with the fingers . Hold and count.

8) Repeat not more than 10 times.

9) Rest in shabasana