Reasons for Obesity

The reasons for obesity depends on the following factors:

Metabolic disorder : If there is anomaly in the distribution system or in other words, if the food we consume does not get distributed in all areas like muscles, bones and skin, then it get accumulated as fat in the body. This process looks as if fat is increasing even the person is only drinking water. Those of us whose Basic Metabolic Rate is high, do not tend to gain fat inspite of eating more and remain thin. On the contrary, those whose BMR is less are likely to gain fat even if they eat less.

Hormonal Imbalance : The fluid that flows out from different glands of the body is known as hormone. Hormonal imbalance in the body may lead to accumulation of fat, particularly thyroid hormone. If this hormone decreases, obesity is one of the many symptoms. This is called "Hypothyroid Disease".

Apart from this, the increase or decrease of fat depends on the presence of hormones such as, Lepart and Adrenaline. If there is congenital defect in the insulin receptor cells of pancreas, there are chances of diabetes followed by obesity, in the later stage. According to experts, if there is excess of hormone, adrenaline, steroid, glucose etc, it might result in accumulation of fat.

Slackness towards physical work : A big reason for fat gain is laid-back style, lack of physical activity or laziness. The mostly inactive human body, in this mechanized world, hammer the chances of controlling the obesity.

Hereditary factor : If the parents has fatty trend, most likely the children may also face the same. The primary reason for hereditary factor is gene. The gene responsible for influencing obesity is known as OB GENE and found in fat cells.

Leptin hormone(a protein hormone with important effects in regulating body weight, metabolism and reproductive function) is generated from fat cells. Hypothalamus in the brain can regulate the accumulated fat and it may increase the hunger. As a result, fat might increase.

Post-surgical stage : After caesarian, appendix, gall bladder operations etc.. the restriction of physical activities, followed by extra care and food, results in weight increase. Weight control gets less priority due to limitation of movements those can tear the stitches and delay healing process.

Medicinal effect : Many types of medicines, if taken, might have side-effects such as obesity. Apart from this, drugs like steroids may result in excess fat. Anti-obesity drugs have severe or life-threatening side effects like high blood pressure, palpitations, insomnia, glaucoma etc..

Emotional imbalance : Hormonal imbalance is very common in emotional/sentimental persons. They may gain weight even after consuming less fatty and calorie foods due to the hormonal imbalance.

Menopause syndrome : After menopause, women have changes in estrogen and progesterone hormones, resulting in various physical difficulties, including fat gain. Many people prefer different types of hormonal medicines to control this problem.

Excessive sleeping and Alcohol consumption : Due to excessive sleep and lack of movement, excess calories cannot get burnt and fat gets accumulated in the body. Excessive alcoholic consumption may result in high cholesterol and along with that, lack of physical activity may result in fat gain.

Environmental causes : The environment of the surrounding influences the state of our mind. Consequently, it also influences our body. Bad food habit and unhealthy environment may lead to fat gain.

Environmental Influence : Excessive eating, less physical activities, lavish life style are also responsible for obesity. Other reasons for obesity are lack of ideal balanced food, absence of facilities for physical exercises, remaining idle for a long time, apathy for physical activities.

Miscellaneous : Infection in the brain or tumor may result in excess of fat.The real reason is the enlargement of fat cells or increase of fat cells in numbers, which in other words, is called hypertrophic obesity or hyperplasic obesity. Experts believe that certain physical diseases like asthma, bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis or several heart diseases and patients taking prescribed medicines of steroid class may also result in obesity.