• HP_193_Bridge_70.jpg

    Yoga Breathing

    Helps in controlling temper and calms the mind. It is the first step of anxiety and depression treatment.

  • Deep Breathing with Folded Hands

    This exercise oxygenates the body, kick starts metabolism, focuses the mind and gives relief.

  • Neck exercises for Acute Anxiety Disorder

    Help in strengthening the neck and body muscles and relieves tension and emotional problems.

  • HP_216_Halasana_70.jpg

    Back bending

    Relieves pain in the back muscles and reduces tension, tiredness and other psychosomatic disorders.

  • HP_201_08_small.jpg


    A very effective asana for acute anxiety disorder and depression treatment.

  • HP_209_Uttanasana_70.jpg


    Known as 'the destroyer of all diseases', it keeps our mind calm and also uplifts our spirit.

  • savasana_70

    Suryaved Pranayam

    Key Pranayam to discipline the mind. Very effective for relief from anxiety and depression treatment.

  • hp_217_PuppyPose_70.jpg


    Practising this technique regularly will alleviate diseases and relieve tension.

  • JanuSirsasana_70


    The relaxed posture after every asana that activates blood to nourish the specific organ exercised. .