Yoga is easy, even if you are busy

Most of us find it difficult to take out time for regular exercise.

This is the main reason we are not able to maintain the habit of regular exercise. If you can spare only 5 minutes at a time thrice daily, you can begin the journey to the greatest wealth in the world.

We have to make it a habit of doing yoga daily for the sake of keeping ourselves fit and tension free.

Your Task today: 30 mins.

Watch the three capsule videos: - 15 mins

Save and take a print out of the routine here: 5 min

Do the the Morning Capsule with the Video once : 10 mins

The Good Morning Capsule

Simple stretching to kick start metabolism and burn fat.

Repeat each exercise 10 times. It will take less than 10 minutes every day to keep doctor away. There is no better healthy way than practice of yoga to give your day a good start, which keeps you, refreshed and energized whole day.

The At Work Capsule

You can do these exercises while sitting on your chair at office. These exercises keep away occupational strain and diseases like stress, spondylosis, low back pain, high BP and eye strain.

Repeat each asan 10 times. These practices may look simple but with regular practice these give awesome results. Learn the art of working in relaxation and experience the blissful awareness.

The Good Night Capsule

At night yoga can relax the muscles and make your sleep better. Before going to bed you can practice the following to soothe your mind and soul and relax your whole body.

Pranayama, meditation and shavasana relieve stress and cerebral tension. Also reduce anger, anxiety, insomnia and blood pressure. 5 minutes practice before going to bed will calm down your mind and induce good sleep.

Try Our Free Online Program

All you need to commit to join our beginners online program is 30 minutes for 5 days. You will need to devote just 5 + 5 + 5 = 15 minutes to Yoga & 15 minutes to reading.

It is the most convenient, yet value for time, online health program that is available anywhere. This course will energize your system and give lifelong mileage.

The Only Personalized Yoga

We are among the world’s leading Institutes for Yoga Treatment. We will be happy to assist if you are suffering from Chronic Problems with Personalized Yoga Therapy.

Your exercise routine should not be general as each of us have different medical needs. We will be happy to make Yoga therapy work for you with 1 to 1 access to seasoned Yoga Therapists at our online therapy center.

They will talk to you over phone and tailor the most effective yoga and diet for your medical condition. You will actually enjoy our YOGA capsules, enjoy eating and feel much better all day. So much, that it becomes a rewarding habit. Over the past 25 years, from 130 centers with 8000 teachers, we have trained over a million Yoga beginners to get better health.

What you can avail

1. 1 on 1 phone consultations for personalized prescription

2. Get Prescribed Demo Videos Online on your member page

3. Made to prescription demo DVD as “do it along” at home

4. Extensive online Stress Management guide

5. Custom made Ayurveda & Medical diet plan

6. Enjoy diet planning with our 2000 recipe software

7. Home remedy tips

8. Unlimited support, on phone or mail

9. Corporate Stress Management Workshops

Begin your journey towards radiant health here and now. In the reassuring words of the founder of World Yoga Society Dr. Dibya Sundar Das:

"Give me a little time, and take good health, Which is more valuable, than all the wealth."

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