Neck Exercises (4 kinds)

Neck exercises cure neck pain but neck pain is one of the symptoms of many disease. In case of severe neck pain do not try to exercise, it can worse the situation and forward bending should be avoided strictly. Neck pain can be avoided by adopting some changes in our lifestyle.

1st kind(Sidewise movement):

1) Stand/sit straight.

2) Turn your head toward right side without moving your shoulder.

3) Move your head back in normal position as in step (1).

4) Then again turn your head toward left side and come back to normal position as in step (1).

Neck Exercise 2nd kind(Backward bending):

1) Stand/sit straight.

2) Turn your head toward up and bend backward.

3) Then get back in normal position as in step (1).

Note : While returning do not bend your head down. It should be straight.

Neck Exercise 3rd kind(Sidewise bending):

1) Stand/sit straight.

2) Bend your head right side so that your right ear touches the shoulder.

3) Then get back in normal position as in step (1) .

4) Do the same with left side.

Neck Exercise 4th kind (Half Rotation) :

1) Stand/sit straight.

2) Turn your head toward right side.

3) Now rotate your head from right side to left side like a half circle.

4) Then come back from the left side to right side.

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