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World Yoga Society is a non-profit society devoted to serving mankind through Yoga Therapy. Our Online Service is supported by World leading Yoga Therapists for people seeking relief from chronic agony. All our Yoga Doctors have over 15 years of Therapy experience. Yoga Doctors are available for regular consultations between 11 AM to 7 PM every weekday, by chat and phone.

We recommend beginners take a three-month membership in the first instance. This duration will show up significant improvement through the Customized Yoga.

As a member you will:

1. Be contacted by email, chat and phone to record your medical history and to consult with a yoga doctor

2. Have an online access to our Complete Training System with detailed exercise descriptions and videos.

3. Get diet analysis and planning with suggested daily menus and recipes.

4. Be sent a customized "Do-It Along" DVD with your exercise routine by mail.

5. Receive personalized health tips.

6. Unlimited email and phone support after consultation on all health issues.

7. Have forum and ezine support

There really is no reason why you can’t enjoy better health. We will be happy to make Yoga therapy work for you. Chat with us to enjoy the warm satisfaction of being adequately responsible towards your future.

Membership Charges:

A three-month subscription is Rs. 1500 only.

Renewal of Membership for next 3 Months - Rs. 1000.00

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