Best treatment for frozen shoulder: Lifting of arms holding each other

Relief from pain is the main outcome for treatment for frozen shoulder. If your pain is caused by stress or tension, exercising your shoulders will alleviate this stress and eliminate your pain completely. Regular exercises can also give you additional mobility. We lose mobility rather quickly with age. Stretching and properly exercising various muscles and joints will allow better mobility and a wide range of motion. Correctly doing effective shoulder pain exercises will also improve your overall physical health by boosting your strength. It will increase your tolerance to pain in your shoulders as your muscles begin to perform better. Exercising is a better natural solution than consistently taking painkillers or rubbing various ointments on your shoulders constantly. A natural treatment for frozen shoulder is much better than adding chemicals to your body which has lot of side effects.

Strain makes muscles tense up and can cause pain. Include this lifting of arms holding each other to your workout routine and you will surely see some positive changes.Doing shoulder pain exercises is a consistent action. You have to manage time regularly from your busy schedule to enjoy the full benefit of this exercise. If you skip your exercises, your shoulders will begin to lose their muscle tone.

1) Stand straight with 6 inches gap in between legs.

2) Interlock both the palms and place it near chest.

3) Now raise your arms up till the level you can.

4) Again put it down as in step (2).

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