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Custom Crafted DVD

Seasoned Yoga Therapists from our online therapy center at Kolkata will talk to you over phone and tailor the most effective yoga and diet for your medical condition.

Do Yoga At Home

It's far better than attending a ordinary yoga studio. Not only is it convenient and saves time, more importantly, you get support from very experienced yoga experts.

Ayurveda + 2000 Recipe Diet

Try our 3 month complete therapy program of Yoga and Ayurveda.You get one Doctor consultation every month and unlimited telephone and email support

3 Months Therapy Rs. 1500/-

Take a simple step to begin the life changing journey, develop the habit of regular exercise. Chat with us or request a call back We will take the responsibility of your good health from there.

World's Finest Online Home Yoga Training

Your exercise routine should not be general, when we all have different needs. If you feel the need for guidance, our extraordinary expertise in Yoga Therapy is now at your finger tips at home.

As a member you will be contacted by email, chat and phone to record your medical history and to consult with a yoga doctor.You will have an online access to our Complete Training System with detailed exercise descriptions and videos. Also get diet analysis and plan your eating with suggested daily menus and 2000 online recipes.
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Prakriti - Find out Your Body Constitution

Air, fire, water, earth and ether are the basic “five elements” behind the creation of universe. Furthermore, these five basic elements are manifested into the three biological energies or doshas known as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha in humans. The body loses its balance, when any of the doshas accumulate in the body beyond the desirable limit. Our health and well-being depend on getting a right balance of the three doshas ("tridoshas").

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Yoga is easy even when you are busy:
Just 10 min Golden Routine

Seize the moment NOW! Do Yoga for only ten minutes every day. Begin today with this impossible to fail step. No matter how stressed for time you are, these ten minutes will keep you fit and energetic all day and help develop a habit of regular exercise. Thereafter, get in touch with us for therapy routine tailor made to heal your chronic problems. Thirty minutes, three times a week is all you need to devote for healing and fitness.


Practice each Pose for 10 times.

In the reassuring words of the founder of World Yoga Society Dr. Dibya Sundar Das:


Give me a little time, and take good health,
which is more valuable, than all the wealth"


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