How to cure Cervical pain

After recognizing the pain, you should first find out how to cure cervical pain. Neck pain can be acute, which means it only lasts a short period of time. It can also be chronic, lasting for an extended period of time, such as several weeks or longer. A neurological or a shoulder examination probably can be done to ensure about it.

Cervical pain is one common ailment which affects the younger generation. People from the IT industry are prone to this problem due to long hours spent hunched over a computer screen in office. Even at home, watching television while lying on the bed with pillows propped up aggravates this problem. Stress, obesity, diabetes and lack of exercise are also other contributors to cervical problems. People leading a sedentary lifestyle are more affected than others.

The best way how to cure cervical pain is to restore flexibility to the stiff muscles. Yoga as a preventive medicine is being used widely around the world to cure such problems. It is one of the most ideal methods and can be safe for everyone, but depending on the medical condition, certain poses may need to be modified or avoided. Regular practice of yoga is more effective than allopathic medicine or conventional traction in reducing the pain associated with this condition. People are taking up this ancient practice to prevent and treat a range of diseases. It can help you to get relief from stress, stiffness and tension in your neck, but it can also cause further pain and possible injury if you cannot maintain proper posture and form.

Understanding the proper posture for your neck can help you avoid unnecessary tension. If you have never exercised before, do consult our yoga doctors before embarking on a Yoga program.

Simple changes in lifestyle with proper guidance can prevent this condition. Maintaining correct posture while reading, writing or working helps in prevention. A holistic approach with simple customized exercise and yoga regimen, personalized diets are beneficial to help better cure cervical pain.

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A Word Of Caution:

Exercises given here are for otherwise healthy patients. If you have multiple medical conditions please be cautioned that some exercises may not be suitable at all. Consult our Yoga Doctors for a routine customized to your medical condition.

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