How to lower blood pressure naturally with Yoga

Many of us do not know how Yoga Therapy can be the key to lower blood pressure naturally.

Research studies demonstrate that conscious breathing quickly lowers blood pressure naturally. Yoga is the safest and the most natural remedy for high blood pressure. Here we will discuss how to lower blood pressure naturally by managing causes lifestyle change. Once you understand the process you can start applying Yoga techniques so that you can easily manage it.

Awareness is key to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

The root causes of irregular blood pressure is stress and erratic blood circulation caused by stress hormones. Researches say that occupational stress, or job strain, resulting from a lack of balance between job demands and job control, is the most important factor of hypertension in modern society. Stress has physiological and psychosocial levels.

A research was conducted with a total population of 3200 employed, initially normal participants, ages 20–32 in 1987–1988 The effects of work pressure were followed for 8 years. Main findings was that increased job strain is associated with higher incidence of hypertension, particularly among young adults.

There are no medicines to cure stress. Neither can we avoid it in the digital age. Long hours with computers adds physical stress and lack of circulation. What is needed is to improve blood circulation and manage stress all through a day. We suggest you recognize the factors that affect you everyday, from morning to evening and consciously incorporate a couple of breathing and stretching exercises as easy and simple remedy.

It is the most effective High Blood Pressure Natural Remedy. Nothing compares to Yoga techniques of deep breathing, Pranayam and Meditation performed mindfully when you experience the symptoms to lower blood pressure naturally. Lifestyle modification must include small capsule doses of Yoga, watchful diet and simple Ayurvedic home remedies that help to manage this chronic problem easily.

Stress creates an emergency in the brain. Brain instructs endocrine glands to release hormones like cortisone which stimulate an increased demand for oxygen from all muscle cells. This prepares the body to "Fight Or Flight" this emergency. The way the body meets this increased demand for oxygen is by increasing heart rate and blood flow.

The stress of fighting the unending march of emergencies that require decision making at work is unavoidable as most decisons and situations that confront us have critical real world impact. This everyday stress, year after year is very detrimental to health as it causes hormonal imbalance that decays vital organs.

How we can manage stress in our own life is what really matters. Awareness of the underlying factors of disease can make us prevent the impact without medicines to lower blood pressure that have side effects when used habitually.

You can access extraordinary expertise by registering with the form on your right. We will be happy to help you manage this " Silent Killer" that leads to a multitude of illnesses. Expert guidance is now at your fingertips with 1 to 1 access to seasoned Yoga Therapists at our online therapy center. They will talk to you over phone and provide a “made to prescription Yoga DVD” for your medical condition as “do it along” exercise to lower blood pressure naturally.

We suggest "Capsules of Yoga" for people who cannot find time i.e Doses of 5 minutes of Yoga as and when time permits. Just like a medicine capsule they work wonders as natural remedy for high blood pressure, when done repeatedly. Our inexpensive, two month personalized program provides monthly consultations with unlimited phone support for effective, long term natural remedy for high blood pressure.

Do's & Don'ts in High Blood Pressure

Follow the do's and don'ts listed below along with the exercises to lower blood pressure naturally.


1. Always try to keep your temper cool or try to be in a relaxed mood.

2. Consume less salt as it acts as a catalyst for increasing high blood pressure.

3. Avoid consumption of excess caffeine and quit smoking. This will help in the treatment for high blood pressure.

4. Those who have high blood pressure should take extra care of their kidney and heart.

5. Everyday walk at least 30 minutes on plain ground and if possible do some kind of free hand exercises, which can be an effective method of lowering high blood pressure naturally.

6. Try to maintain proper body weight proportionate to the height.


1. Do not take any medicine without a proper consultation or guidance of a doctor.

2. Excessive work pressure and tensions, any kind of mental anxiety or direct confrontation with someone.

3. Females who have a tendency of high blood pressure should avoid any kind of contraceptive pills, any kind of pain killers, or medicine that may contain steroids.

Lower Blood Pressure Naturally with Yoga

Yoga Exercises

Yoga breathing to lower blood pressure naturally Soothes the mind and helps in circulation of blood in the muscles.

Deep breathing with folding hands Reduces mental stress and relaxes the body.

Neck exercises 4 kinds Relaxes the muscles and brings flexibility to the whole body.

Marching Helps in increasing blood distribution to the body muscles.


Talasana While doing this asana, people suffering from high pressure must not hold their breath while stretching.

Sukho gomukhasana effective natural remedy for high blood pressure A very good asana for relieving cardiac complaints and hypertension.

Suryaved pranayam, highly beneficial treatment for high blood pressure Calms and relaxes the mind and body and reduces the risk of hypertension and heart attacks.

Meditation the most natural remedy for high blood pressure Best treatment for high blood pressure.

Sabasana An important relaxing posture after every asana.

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