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Lower back pain is the most common cause of job-related disability. Exercises for low back pain can help you stay as active as possible. Yoga is a safe activity and its related exercise may be the most effective way to speed recovery from low back pain and help strengthen back and abdominal muscles. 

                       Chronic Back pain treatment

Though it is a problem which can be easily dealt with, but there are chronic conditions which cause acute distress. Reasons like degeneration of bones like lumbar spondylosis, ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatism are the principal chronic low back pain causes.

Ankylosing Spondylitis and Lumbar Spondylosis primarily affect the lower back, which are types of chronic arthritis that can be controlled by doing the specific exercises for low back pain. In the advanced stage of ankylosing spondylitis, the back and spine may become very stiff making it difficult to bend back on either sides. One may not be able to even turn.

Yoga exercises and asanas are the key to heal low back pain symptoms. 

                                 FREE Online Yoga 
                  Exercises For Lower Back Pain

We  have provided some free Online youtube videos for low back pain treatment . Yoga exercise is an effective low back pain remedy which helps to control pain and to maintains the smooth functioning  for the lower back. These free  videos for low back treatment  are only few of the full routine. 

Start practicing the following yoga for 1-7 days regularly. Choose a time of day you can stick with, so that exercise becomes a habit. No matter what time of day you choose to exercise, make sure to plan your workout two to three hours after your meal. 

1. Back bending hands on waist:

Stand straight with 6 inches gap in between two legs. Place your hands on waist. Now slowly bend your upper body towards your back. Count 10 in that position. Return to normal position.

Benefits: Eradicates back pains and keeps the body flexible.

2. Bhujangasana:

Lie down on your abdomen. Rest the palms by the side of the pelvic region so that the fingers and shoulders remain at the same level. Put pressure on the palms and raise your upper body upward till the navel portion. Hold this posture and count 5. Breathing will be normal while holding. Come back and take rest in sabasana. Do the whole process once again.

Benefits: Strengthens the back and arm muscles.

3. Naukasana:

Lie down straight on the abdomen with forehead resting on the floor. Keep your arms extended forward. Raise your arms, head, neck, shoulders, trunk and legs simultaneously as high as possible. Keep your elbows and knees straight. Breathing will be normal. Maintain this posture and count 10. Bring down your legs, hands and forehead to the ground. Then relax in shabasan.

Benefits: Naukasana pose help to ease back pain and stiffness.

4. Suryaved pranayam:

Sit on padmasana. Left hand will rest on knee in gyan mudra. Close the index and middle fingers of the right hand. Keep rest of the fingers opened. Block the left nostril with right hand’s ring finger. Take long breath through right nostril and hold. Then, block the right nostril with the thumb of right hand and exhale through left nostril. Now inhale through left nostril and hold. Block the left nostril with right hand’s ring finger and exhale. Again inhale through right nostril and hold. Do this for 10 times. Then take rest.

Benefits: Performed religiously can benefit both the mind and body.

5. Sabasana:

Lie down on your back and relax your whole body, as if you have gone to sleep. Place a cold towel on top of the eyes. In this posture, keep the mind clean from all worries and thoughts. Savasana is mandatory after performing every set of other Asana. Do this for 5 minutes.

Benefits:A calm and relaxed posture beneficial to the mind and body.

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A Word Of Caution:

Exercises given here are for otherwise healthy patients. If you have multiple medical conditions please be cautioned that some exercises may not be suitable at all. Consult our Yoga Doctors for a routine customized to your medical condition.

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