Dhanurasana for stomach and back pain

Dhanurasana is very much effective for problems of stomach and back pain. It strengthens the back and abdominal muscles and adds greater flexibility to the back. The liver, stomach, abdominal organs and muscles are massaged. The pancreas and adrenal glands are toned, balancing their secretions. The legs and arms also get toned. It helps in functioning of the digestive organs and removes gastrointestinal disorders. It relieves asthma by improving the process of respiration. For natural relief from problems of stomach and back pain, start practicing Dhanurasana along with other exercise.

1) Lie down on your abdomen. Hands will be on the sides and palms pointing upwards.

2) Now bend your knees and place the feet near the buttocks.

3) Hold the ankle joints with your hands.

4) Then raise your knees by pulling the ankles.

5) Lift your upper body till the navel portion.

5) Breathe normally and continue to increase the stretching and bend the upper body backward.

Note : The body should look like a bow.

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