Breathing treatment for asthma

Deep Blow With Resistance

Breathing treatment through exercise bring wonderful benefits because they supply oxygen to all body parts. Deep blow with resistance increases the capacity of lung. It is highly beneficial for asthma patient. Practicing breathing exercises regularly can provide a boost in energy. In yoga, the breath is a universal energy which is used to find a balance between the body-mind, the conscious-unconscious, and the sympathetic-parasympathetic nervous system. So we can do breathing treatment by breathing consciously to influence the sympathetic nervous system. It regulates blood pressure, heart beat rate, circulatory system, digestive system and many other bodily functions.

1) Stand straight. Place the left arm on left hip and right hand in front of mouth with fingers folded.

2) Then take deep breath (inhale) through nose and then breathe out (exhale) through mouth slowly by bending forward.

3) While breathing out the air should be resisted by your folded right hand.

4) Again stand straight while inhaling and then bend forward while exhaling with resistance.

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