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In today’s world, cervical pain is one of the leading causes of pain. It is also referred as neck pain and is nearly as common as lower back pain. The pain can directly affect the muscles of the neck. Cervical or neck pain can lead to pain and problems in the entire body if the spinal cord is compressed.

Mostly the pain is rooted in larger condition from the upper portion of the spine or the surrounding muscles. Most causes of neck pain are not serious as they are changeable, for example, poor posture while sitting, standing, working or sleeping, hunching forward while doing desk work or watching television. Other common causes can be muscle strains and sprain, worn joints, cervical disc disorders or spinal injuries.

If you are having pain in or around your neck, it does not indicate to have a cervical pain all the time. From the symptoms, you can recognize whether you are having it or not. Symptoms include, neck pain and stiffness, pain around the back of the shoulder blades, numbness or weakness in arms, tingling and burning sensations, dull aching, headache (particularly at the back of the head), dizziness, spinning of head, nausea, loss of balance, blurred vision, shooting pain, trouble in neck or shoulder movement, neck pain that radiates towards arms. Sometimes neck pain also causes pain in lower back which may leads to tiredness, low concentration level and stamina.

It is important to treat your pain properly and timely before it gets more serious or worst. Muscle strains tend to improve within a week or so. But if your pain persists then you need a medical help. A customized exercise program could give an instant relief to your neck problem, further would help to reduce or eliminate your neck pain all together.

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