Causes of hernia

The causes of hernia depends on the types of hernia. Sometimes hernia can be due to a congenital defect. Following are the other causes of hernia

1) When the stomach muscle gets weak, thin, or loose, then the intestine easily get displaced from its position causing hernia.

2) Constipation is a major cause for hernia.

3) Sneezing or coughing, mainly whooping cough, cause hernia by creating continuous pressure on the weak muscle.

4) Lifting heavy weight.

5) Frequent bending in front or while working.

6) Standing for a longtime, walking long distance, working under pressure or blowing something forcefully can be the causes of hernia.

7) Climbing high mountains, riding on horse create pressure on stomach muscle.

Take out time and practice the simple hernia exercises to address this problem the natural way.

Dietary Precautions

1) Do not allow fat to deposit in your body. Do exercises and yoga. To make sure that the problem does not aggravate, include the hernia exercise in your daily routine.

2) Keep yourself active so that the muscles get stronger.

3) Do not eat hurriedly. Chew food properly. Improper chewing can cause indigestion, which in turn may lead to constipation, paving the way for hernia.

4) Avoid excess oil, spices, ghee, butter, ice-cream, fatty food and refrigerated items. Have low-calorie food. Regularly eat balanced food and fresh green vegetables.


Eat food rich in fibre in the form of fruits, vegetables and grains. Drink plenty of fluids to prevent constipation.

Make exercise a routine. This should include the customized hernia exercises, specially designed for you.

Sweat more and get rid of excess toxin.

Eat six small meals instead of three big meals.

Have grains like barley and millet and consume paneer and soya bean.

Consume vegetables like cabbage, dandelion, sweet potatoes and artichoke.

Include herbs in your diet like fennel, cumin, asafoetida, mint, parsley, arrowroot, aloevera and many more.

Drink milk after supper.


Avoid bending or lying down after meal.

Jogging, jerking, running and lifting weight is strictly prohibited.

Stop smoking. Avoid alcohol.

Prevent coughing or sneezing which increases intra-abdominal pressure leading to severe risk of hernia.

Keep away from foods which are hard to digest like spices, excess oil. Avoid red meat, chicken, egg or fish.

Relieve depression.

Do not wear tight clothes.