Cure lower back and leg pain

Baddha Padmasana (Bound Lotus Posture)

Lower back and leg pain can be reduced with Baddha Padmasana. In this asana joints of the legs become strong and increases flexibility of the shoulders, elbows, wrists. Regular practice of this asana helps to overcome the weakness of the heart, the lungs , the stomach , and the spine. It reduces the pain in the knees, ankle-joints and neck. This asana helps to cure ailments like indigestion, gastritis, arthritis, constipation.

1) Sit in padmasan. The heels should touch the lower part of the abdomen.

2) Move your right arm behind the back and bring the hand near the left hip.

3) Now hold the right big toe with fingers of the right hand.

4) Similarly move your left arm behind the back to hold the left big toe.

5) After catching the toes, your back will remain straight and breathe normally. Hold and count.

6) Then release your hands first then legs.

7) Change your legs and do the same once again.

Take rest in shabasan.

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