Back stretches exercise

Back Arching And Toe Touching

The muscles of the back stretches out with back arching and toe touching. This exercise makes the spine straight and flexible and cure ailments related to muscles and skeletal system. The abdominal muscles also gets toned up and cures constipation, indigestion, and gastric problems. It removes extra fat from abdomen region. This exercise has an alternative benefit of increasing height.

1. Stand straight keeping both hands sidewise.

2. Take long breath and raise both hands above the head and keep the palms together(Prayer Posture).

3. Breathe in and slowly bend the upper body backwards (Do it only up to the level advised by Our Yoga Doctor).

4. Slowly breathe out and bring the body back to Step 2.

5. Breathe in, slowly bend the upper body downwards and try to touch the toes with the respective hands (The individual with more flexible body can touch the ground with palms as shown in the image).

6. In the final phase individual's forehead will touch the knees to complete the posture (View the image). Breathe out and come back to standing posture.

We suggest "Capsules of Yoga" for people who cannot find time i.e Doses of 5 minutes of Yoga as and when time permits. Just like a medicine capsule they work wonders on specific issues when done repeatedly.

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Practice this Exercise as prescribed by our Yoga Doctor.

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