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Aswini Mudra

Aswini mudra means the contraction and relaxation of rectum. The word Aswini means ‘Horse’. The practice is so-called because the anal contraction resembles the movement a horse makes with its sphincter immediately after evacuation of the bowels.

This mudra can be performed in bhadrasana, suptabhadrasana, sukhogomukhasana, viparit karani, vajrasana and sukhasana.

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Aswini mudra helps you get relieve from piles, constipation and menstruation problems. It is one of the most important exercises for preparing the mother for child birth.

Regular practice of Aswini Mudra strengthens the muscles of entire pelvic region. It helps the mother to train herself in relaxing the muscles of the vagina. The woman in labour creates no resistance, and therefore saves herself from pain and fatigue.

It strengthens the sphincter muscles of the anus.

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