The Science Of Yoga Therapy

Dr Dibya Sundar Das crossed the first milestone of yoga culture in early childhood. His father was a great educationist Dr. Ashutosh Das, Professor of Calcutta University, M.A .(Double), PH. D, D. Litt., F.R.A.S. (London), Vidya Vachaspati, Sahitya Shastri, Prachyo Vidya Maharnab ,Tantra Yoga Sidhanta Bagish. Thereafter, he was guided by his Yoga Guru, Late Yogindra Bishnu Charan Ghosh . Sri Bisnu Charan Ghosh was the brother of great ‘Kriya Yogi’ His Holiness Paramhansa Yoganandaji who founded the Self Realization Fellowship at Los Angeles, California , U.S. A.

Dr. Dibya Sundar Das took lessons on Therapeutic Yoga from a great teacher, Dr. Gouri Shankar Mukherjee who was an  MBBS doctor by profession and completed M.D. from Germany and Yogiraj Hrishikesh. He also took lessons on Kriya Yoga from Late Sananda Lal Ghosh , brother of His Holiness Paramhansa Yoganandaji. He  secured Master Degree from Calcutta University and is also a registered Homeopathic Doctor. Over last forty three years, he has dedicated himself to the service of mankind. He has introduced the traditional system of treatment with Yogasana and exercise. It includes static and dynamic yoga. In India, yoga has an ancient heritage.

Dr. D. S. Das published his best selling book "Yoga Sandarshan" demonstrating Yoga poses that heal specific diseases in 1970. Over the past 40 years, Dr. Dibya Sundar Das has adapted the wisdom of classical mother postures of Hatha Yoga and the mental discipline of Raja Yoga, with the diagnostic and anatomical wisdom of modern medical science in the treatment of average patients who have limitations of fitness and time.

World Yoga Society was founded in 1986 with a philanthropic mission to serve mankind with this expertise in Yoga Therapy. This unique approach called “Dibya Yoga” has been amazingly successful in bringing relief from agony. His vast clinical experience has led to refinements and customization of static and dynamic Yoga poses that work as physical medicine on both the body and the mind together.

This modern system of Yoga Therapy focuses on mind and body harmony while breathing, stretching, relaxing and meditating. Today, more then ever, it is our hyperactive mind that disturbs us. With “Dibya Yoga” you can control the mind and exercise the body in ways that heal illnesses naturally, very scientifically.

Even if you miss a session, you can still practice small “capsule” doses of “Dibya Yoga” while traveling or while sitting at your desk. This focus on therapeutic benefits of Yoga will fill you with a sense of purpose and go a long way to strengthen your resolve to practice regularly.

He has passed on this rich expertise to his students. Since 1986, over 8000 teachers have graduated from WoYoSo Yoga Medical College. Together they have touched millions of lives. Today World Yoga Society serves mankind from 130 centers worldwide.

Yoga Therapy : How Dibya Yoga Heals The Mind And Body?

Dibya Yoga is focused on the therapeutic aspect of Yoga for Beginners. It works on the body in ways that heal illnesses naturally, very scientifically.

First an experienced Yoga Doctor interviews the patient and studies the case history. A customized set of exercises is then prescribed based on the level of fitness and detailed medical history.

The exercise routine can be divided in stages. Concentration, warm up, dynamic exercise or gati yoga, static exercise or sthithi yoga, pranayam, meditation, relaxation and sensation or awakening. Just like homeopathy, a low potency dose of focused asans done repeatedly, is effective therapy most illnesses. You can benefit from Dibya Yoga even if are over 70 year old.

General patients report significant benefits within the first month as the mind finds relief from stress and the body is energized with much improved blood circulation in concerned organs and better muscle tone. We are the only online source for personalized natural healing with Yoga Therapy.


Dr. D.S. Das

Founder & Principal of World Yoga Society, Homoeo & Yoga Physician, Vice President of Yoga and Naturopathy Council Govt of West Bengal (A Department of Ayush of India Government)

 Yoga are not only concern with physical well being but a complete science of Co-ordination between the mind and body (pshycho and soma) and rejuvenative aspects yogasona (posture) improves steadiness, agility and health at all levels by inner harmony. Yoga as a whole believes that if any one of the organs or the system fails to co-ordinate its function with others the whole system becomes imbalanced. Thus the ill health of one system creates ill health of the other. Yogic health culture helps to maintain complete co-ordination and harmony among all the systems as it influence the endocrinal system, digestive system, blood transportation i.e. circlulatory system, neuro muscular and respiratory system. Recent medical researchers are now discovering that our sense of happiness and well being is greatly influenced by the presence of certain chemicals and hormones in the blood stream. Vigorous exercise stimulates the production of two chemicals-1. Norepine nephrine 2. Enpetrolin that are known to lift up the spirits (vital energy) . It has also been proved that yogic exercises can work wonders in conjunction with physio cum psychological treatment.  It works best remedial antidote in such related manifestation bodily malfunction such as ulcer, migraine, headache, asthma, skin eruption, high blood pressure and even heart disease, pschycological symptoms include irritability, moodiness and depression. Yoga rehabilitation helps to cease the tension in better ensuring sound sleep, a necessary component of mental being many of the psychological and physical problems could be traced to negative attitude towards life, part of this self defeating attitude could be born out of inadequate self indiscipline in exercise practice on the one hand yoga has an effect on self esteem creating a better attitude. This is because yoga practice changes an individual personal stand from that of a passive on looker to an active participate long term benefits from yoga exercise contribute to improve feeling posture and energy level, all of which have a positive effect on self esteem. So yoga is self repairing, self adjusting and self emerging apart from the yogic fitness program for psychosomatic disease and sociomoral development. There is no doubt that nutritional approach will be the medicine of future, patient suffering from obesity related syndrome like arthritis, diabetes, constipation, back pain, high blood pressure, angina and blockage can avoid potentially dangerous drugs for heart disease and that can extend their life span by simple dietary approaches. It is horrible to bring dietary changes to reduce dependence on medication and finally even eliminate drugs altogether. The need of the day is to change in to a low fat diet rich in fibre content. This is also a sure and permanent way to lose weight and gain energy. So we can prevent and can maintain physiological maladies would mental stabilities with balanced nutrition and good program will give a man long life with disease free body and prolong youthful appearance and long life as well as disease free body and sound mental stability.

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A Word Of Caution:

Exercises given here are for otherwise healthy patients. If you have multiple medical conditions please be cautioned that some exercises may not be suitable at all. Consult our Yoga Doctors for a routine customized to your medical condition.

At World Yoga Society, we have helped millions overcome acute pain since 1970. Here you will find the gist of Dr. Dibya’s vast clinical experience of yoga therapy that helps to heal Pain or Disease. Yes! Now you can heal yourself in mind and body naturally with personal guidance from the World's leading Yoga Doctor.

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