General Types Of Female Disease


Abnormally heavy or prolonged menstruation is known as menorrhagia. Here period continues for more than 4-5 days with heavy bleeding and clotting.

Causes of menorrhagia:

1. Tumour or cyst in uterus

2. Displacement of uterus

3. Abnormal hormonal secretion

4. Mental stress, anxiety

5. Frequent abortions

Symptoms of menorrhagia:

1. Vertigo

2. Headache

3. Back pain

4. Poor eye vision

5. Loss of appetite

6. Laziness

7. Weakness

8. Vomiting


When the period continues for less than 4-5 days it is termed as oligomenorrhea. Generally excessively fat women and excessively lean women suffer from this type of female diseases. Due to oligomenorrhea, constipation, headache, weakness, abdominal pain, anorexia, mental weakness can occur. Regular exercises and yoga can make progress in this disease.


Amenorrhea can be of two types: one is primary and another is secondary. When amenorrhea occurs with in the age group of 12-17 years it is known as primary amenorrhea. When sudden ceasation takes place in menstrual cycle, it is termed as secondary amenorrhea. If anyone is not experiencing periods till 17 years then she have to consult a gynaecologist.

Spasmodic dysmenorrhea

During period or before period many women feel the pain. Sometimes the pain radiates down to the thigh from the abdomen. Symptoms of spasmodic dysmenorrhea are nausea, tiredness, weakness, diarrhea etc. Spasmodic dysmenorrhea is caused due to improper hormonal secretion, irregularity in the shape of uterus, weak muscle, physical and mental tiredness etc.


Discharge of white mucous material from the vagina is commonly known as white discharge. When the amount of white discharge increases it leads to infection. Being hygienic is one of the best ways to avoid this disease. The amount of white discharge varies from person to person.


The state of being unable to be pregnant after one or more than one year of unprotected sexual intercourse can be termed as infertility. Both women and men can have problems that cause infertility.

The causes of infertility are as follows:

1. Thyroid problem

2. Obesity

3. Tumor or cyst in the uterus

4. Blockage of fallopian tube

5. Miscarriage

6. Irregularity in sexual intercourse

7. Hormonal fluctuation

8. Diabetes


Hirsutism is a condition where a woman gets affected with excessive hair growth. Hirsutism occurs due to high levels of male sex hormones called androgens. Secretion of androgen takes place in the ovary and in adrenal gland. Hirsutism can occur during puberty, pregnancy and after menopause.

Breast Cancer

Generally after 35 years presence of lump may be seen in the breast. If it is malignant then it has to be operated, or else it can turn into breast cancer. If breast cancer is detected in biopsy report then it is better to operate. If there is a benign tumor in the breast then there is no need to do operation as it will not harm.

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