Treatment for cervical spondylosis

Treatment for cervical spondylosis is to be done after being diagnosed with cervical spondylitis. If your pain is mild, then you can opt for yoga therapy. Yoga strengthens the neck muscles with proper blood circulation. Daily practice can bring speedy recovery. Along with yoga you have to maintain correct postures while sitting, lying, driving, standing and walking to get rid of stiff neck. Erect posture should be maintained at home or at office during work. Sometimes doctor use to suggest their patients to use neck collars so that neck remain steady during work or travelling.

In case of neck sore, you can apply heat pack or ice pack in and around the neck region. Cervical traction is one of the treatment for cervical spondylosis, which can be used to relieve neck pain. Traction supports head and chin. It reduces the pressure on the neck. Pain due to nerve compression can be cured through traction. Yoga provides the natural traction to the neck. Stress can increase the neck pain. Relaxation techniques should be practiced daily before going to bed to get rid of stress, tension, anxiety, depression. Cervical spondylosis can bring change in your daily activities. Lifestyle changes should be done with this disease. Precaution must be taken so that neck does not get any more injuries till you get recovered from this disease.

Do's And Don'ts In Neck Pain

1. Practice yoga for neck pain relief regularly.

2. Sit straight and walk straight.

3. Don’t lift heavy weight.

4. Soft chair, bed should be avoided.

5. Reduce tension, consult with Yoga doctors. Practice Pranayam, meditation and sabasana.

6. Sugar, salt, spicy food should be avoided.

7. Don’t take painkillers.

8. Chew your food properly.

9. Milk, milk products, green vegetables, small fishes contains calcium. Include all these in food habits.

10. Keep your spine straight while sitting or standing. Avoid forward bending, jogging, jerking, overweight carrying.

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