Treatment for cervical pain

The treatment for cervical pain depends on the cause of pain. Treatment includes rest, heat or cold applications, traction, yoga therapy. Yoga for cervical pain and neck stretches can be very helpful for neck pain

First you have to take care that you are doing the exercises in the right way. Wrong postures can aggravate the neck pain and it can even radiate to arm along with shoulder.

Neck exercises are simple and easy to practice even at your work place. If the pain is severe then it’s better to restrict your movement for few days. Usually the pain gets better within few days. If the pain persists for more than 2-3 weeks, then you must consult a doctor.

Diagnosis of cervical pain or other neck pain needs an experienced medical doctor. If you suffer from cervical pain you can email the scanned images of your X-ray and MRI report, we will suggest effective personalized yoga and exercise routine devised by experts from World Yoga Society addressing the specific nature of the problem.

Treatment for Cervical pain can be treated with traction which may be prescribed for home use. Traction gently pulls the head, stretching neck muscles. Traction should be taken from a trained yoga trainer or you can contact your local physiotherapist. At home also you can take traction by using self traction equipment or careful neck pulling by a partner.

Regular practice of yoga is beneficial for cervical pain as they maintain neck strength, flexibility. Cervical pain relief and healing is generally quick and easy with improvements in blood supply and strengthening back, shoulder and neck muscles.

Yoga strengthens the back muscle and improves the flexibility by providing natural traction. It helps to reduce the pain caused by compression of the nerve root.

Practice good posture while sitting, lying on bed. Avoid forward bending, running, jogging, and jerking, carrying overweight. Soft chair, bed should be avoided.

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A Word Of Caution:

Exercises given here are for otherwise healthy patients. If you have multiple medical conditions please be cautioned that some exercises may not be suitable at all. Consult our Yoga Doctors for a routine customized to your medical condition.

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