Tips of weight loss

Tips of weight loss can be practiced if you want to reduce extra fat of your body. Most importantly you have to think that weight loss is possible and you can reach your goal. Tips of weight loss consist not only lifestyle modification but also dietary changes. We want to help you adopt a healthier lifestyle so you can lose weight safely. If people are overweight, it’s usually because they eat and drink more calories than they need.

1.      If you want to lose weight then set a goal in such a way that it should be achievable. Decide on which days you will work out and at what time.  Keep it fixed and go by it strictly. Get yourself motivated so that you can achieve what you want.  

2.       Always try to be happy as happiness will drain away all your stress. Laughing is a therapy to burn calories also.

3.       After beginning your workout, keep a notebook to write down the change in your weight status.

4.       Keep your mind calm and cool by practicing pranayam and meditation as it helps to lose weight.

5.       Many of us think that if we stop eating then we can easily lose some weight, but this is totally wrong. Make a healthy routine for eating.

6.       Your body wants to maintain the golden rule of 'early to bed, early to rise'.

7.       Stick to your exercise regime like you do breakfast, lunch, dinner and other works. You can also set alarm to remind about exercising.

8.       Smoking and drinking can increase your chance of gaining weight. To lose weight take resolution to quit smoking and drinking.

9.       Increase your physical activities like walking, cycling and swimming. You can walk while coming back home from office or you can walk after dinner.

10.   Don’t sit or lie down for too long. Take a break after every hour and walk for 2 minutes whether in office or at home.

11.   Avoid using lifts and escalators in your office, apartments and shopping malls. Use stairs to burn calories.

12. Try to walk if the distance is not too long. Don’t depend on your vehicle for everything.

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