Padmasana (Lotus Posture)

Padmasana is the most recommended yoga asana which helps to improve concentration, giving high spirits with peace and longevity. Performing different pranayams and meditation in padmasana would offer physical and mental balance and stability. One would overcome the problem of stiff legs, knees and ankles by regular practice of padmasana. It prevents abdominal diseases like digestion and constipation and also female disorders connected with reproductive organs.

1) First you sit on the ground with your legs stretching straight in front.

2) Place the right leg over the left thigh and the left leg over the right thigh and sit by keeping the spine straight.

3) Stretch your hands and rest your palms on the knees in gyan mudra (you have to hold the index finger against tip of thumb, having the other three fingers straight).

4) Breathing will be normal.

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