Menstruation and its abnormality

Starting from the menarche till menopause a lady has to bear all the pain and problems of periods. This is a certain change from one stage to another stage. Once period starts, it transfers a girl into a lady. Whenever there is a disturbance in the cycle of periods, the problem which arises are known as female diseases. Periods normally occur within a gap of 28 days, sometimes with an exception of 22 days or more or less.

Disturbed or abnormal menstruation

Other than premature menstruation, there can be another problem among many women. It is known as abnormal menstruation or disturbed menstruation. As menstruation cycle occurs once in a month it is known as period. If this period occurs twice in a month it is termed as disturbed or abnormal menstruation. According to gynaecologist, within two months no period can occur and again when it occurs, it starts with heavy flow. After 2-3 years of menopause some women also faces heavy period for many days.

All these category falls under abnormal menstruation. Abnormal menstruation leads to anemia, abdominal pain, nausea, physical disturbance.

Abnormal menstruation occurs due to many reasons:

1. Free mixing invites the infection from a male body to female body, it effects the menstruation cycle. Sexually transmitted diseases can occur for having more than one sexual relation.

2. Intrauterine contraceptive device and intake of contraceptive pills is another reason for abnormal menstruation.

3. Abnormality in hormone secretion

4. Small uterus

Irregular periods: Irregular menstrual cycle refers to a change in regular menstrual periods or menses. A menstrual cycle starts from one menses to the start of another. It ranges from 21 to 35 days. Sometimes it varies from 1-2 days per month. Irregular periods can be either of short term or long-term irregularity.

Long-term irregularity can be a cycle that changes in length from month to month, experience of various abnormal symptoms such as heavy bleeding, anemia, no cycle for months for a period of time, very painful periods or ovulation.Short-term irregularity can be due to fatigue, stress.