Menopause is the transition period in a woman's life when her ovaries stop producing eggs, her body produces less estrogen and progesterone, and menstruation cycle comes to an end. Generally normal menopause occurs between the age of 45-50 years and in average 47 years of age. In few cases after 50 years of age menstruation can be continued.

Early or advance menopause

Menopause which occurs in between 32-35 years of age or before then it is termed as early or advance menopause. The two main reasons of this menopause are hormonal abnormality and genetic factor. Those who are suffering from anemia may face this. Early menopause leads to depression and lack of womanhood.

Delayed menopause

Menopause which occurs after the age of 55 years is termed as delayed menopause. The main reasons of this menopause are genetic or family history, tumor of fibroid in uterus, secretion of estrogen, diabetes.


Surgical removal of uterus is called hysterectomy. When both ovary and uterus are operated it is termed as total hysterectomy. When there is a chance of tumor or fibroid getting malignant, it is better to do hysterectomy or else it may lead to cancer.

Premenopain or primenopause

Symptoms which arises before menopause are known as premenopain or primenopause syndrome.

Post menopausal syndrome

Post menopausal syndrome can be seen after menopause. Symptoms like roughness, thinness of skin due to lack of protein, deposition of fat in lower abdomen, back, shoulder, osteoporosis, loss of lordosis, hairloss, sexual unwillingness, hot flash, loss of temper, irritation, excess perspiration, etc. may occur.