How to reduce body fat?

How to reduce body fat can be answered easily if we limit our daily calorie intake as per our BMI. Now what is this BMI? The ratio of weight and height of a person is called Body Mass Index (B.M.I). It can be found by dividing your body weight in kgs with height in meter square. The appropriate BMI as per height are as follows:

      5.0 = 50 kg +/- 2Kg
      5.1 = 52 kg +/- 2Kg
      5.2 = 54 kg +/- 2kg
      5.3 = 56 kg +/- 2kg
      5.4 = 58 kg +/- 2kg
      5.5 = 60 kg +/- 2kg

After getting the BMI, you can easily calculate how many kgs you have to shed and that is your weight loss goal. To reach that level now you have to decide your workout and diet. You can also check your waistline measurement.

32-35 inches (81-88cm) = increasing health risk and further weight/waist increases should be avoided
35 inches (88cm) or more = high risk and weight/waist loss advised

37-40 inches (94-102cm) = increasing health risk
40 inches (102cm) or more = high risk

It is observed that the fat cells in people with normal weight do not tend to increase much, compared to people who are obese. Those who are overweight have more fat cells in the stomach, hip, back and buttocks. When fat accumulates in the body, the fat cells grow in size. Obesity is the accumulation of fat in our body. There are various yoga for weight loss. Opting for the alternative method of practicing routine yoga for weight loss is the preferable choice for treatment. Yoga and weight loss are co-related. Yoga, to a great extent can help in reducing weight by eliminating the excess fat from our body.

Intake of proper and nutritious food is very important to keep oneself healthy and fit. Balanced diet leads to proper growth of the body. There is a normal ratio of body height and weight. Normal fat, fatty and obese is determined through calculating the ratio of weight and height. How to reduce body fat can be a big question in your life if you miss your workout along with improper diet.

Medical research now indicates that yoga may act directly on the central nervous system, the blood circulation and the metabolism. Yoga activates the autonomic or involuntary system in the hypothalamus. If you are overweight, losing little of your body weight may lower your risk for several of diseases, including heart disease and diabetes. Don't get upset with how to reduce body fat. Register with us to get personalized solution to lose weight. For details in diet click here.

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