Effects of Obesity

Uncouth obesity sometimes becomes dangerous for health. The effects of obesity have been discussed below:

It creates pressure on the heart. Layers of fat are deposited in Artery, veins or nerves. Atherosclerosis is created leading to obstruction of blood circulation. Blood is not circulatedeasily. This results in high blood pressure. Besides, this fast food creates Diabetes, Arthritis, pain in loins,difficulties in breathing, and difficulties in digestive system. Thyroid gland ailments may also develop.

There is danger of gastric ulcer if skipping of food is resorted to in the attempt to reduce. Again, skipping of food orreducing food may lead to low blood pressure. The body may become weak. Idleness may occur due to fat. Obstruction may be caused to conditions of intelligence, sensibility or alertness. Disintegration of fat may cause damage to skin. Stretch mark, signs of roots may show up on the skin.

In case of women, irregular periods along with many other serious female diseases may occur. Cancer may show up in women’spolycystic ovary, breast and uterus. Excess fat also creates difficulties in case of operations. When women cross forty, there is a saying – fat female forty leads to great inconveniences.

Overweight children in comparison to healthy weight children are more prone to develop problems like high cholesterol and high blood pressure, which are linked with heart disease in adults. Type 2 diabetes, previously considered an adult disease, has increased a lot in overweight children and adolescents. Children with healthy weight are free from weight-related diseases and less at risk of developing these diseases in adulthood.

Medical research now indicates that yoga may act directly on the central nervous system, the blood circulation and the metabolism. Yoga activates the autonomic or involuntary system in the hypothalamus. If you are overweight, losing little of your body weight may lower your risk for several of diseases, including heart disease and diabetes.