Cure your back muscle pain

Back Bending

If you are suffering from back muscle pain, doing back bending can help you get relief from it. By toning up the muscles, it makes easier for you to flex your back, improves your neck pain and withal helps to slowly cure back muscle pain.

Our daily activities have made us so busy that even sparing five minutes in exercise overload us and our working schedule. Nevertheless, we will try to make yoga therapy work for you despite your busy timing.

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Steps to be performed:

Step 1

Stand straight. Keep 3 feet gap in between both legs.

Step 2

Place both hands on side of the waist.

Step 3

Slowly bend the upper body backwards (see the 1st image).

Step 4

Hold that posture for a duration as advised by our Yoga Doctor.

Step 5

Come back to the position as in Step 2 and then Step 1.

Practice this Exercise as prescribed by our Yoga Doctor.


People accustomed to the exercise can bend the body much more backwards and make curvature of the spine (as shown on the image below). This is not advisable for the beginners*.

*Beginners should not attempt to bend backwards more than as shown in the 1st image. Patients of Lumbar Spondylosis, Cervical Spondylosis and spinal injury should consult our Yoga Doctor before practicing this exercise.

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