Yoga for Back Pain

Ardha Chandrasana (Half-Moon Posture)

Ardha Chandrasana is a simple yoga for back pain and useful in low back pain relief. Those suffering from lower back pain or shoulder pain can try this elementary steps to help strengthen muscles and also keep oneself fit.

Step 1

Stand straight keeping the back straight with hands beside the body.

Step 2

Raise your hands side wise parallel to shoulder and join both palms together above the head signifying namaskar.

Step 3

Arch your body backwards keeping your arms alongside your neck and head, tilt the head backward. See the picture below.

Step 4

Hold this position and count as suggested. Keep your knees straight while holding the posture and counting.

Step 5

Slowly return to the position as in Step 2.

Step 6

Move your hands down and keep side wise to the body as in Step 1.

Remember: While holding the posture in Step 4 breathing will be normal.


The following are a few out of various benefits you can get after practicing Ardha Chandrasana:

  • It strengthens the spine, improves balance, relieves stress, and aids in digestion.

  • It strengthens lower back muscles thus reducing back pain.

  • Increases the flexibility of spine and is useful for lumbar spondylosis.


Those with serious hip or spinal problems should take proper advice and perform this asana under guidance.

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